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Thu Aug 17 23:16, 2017 GMT
National Review More Internet Censorship National Review It's a private company (that's not yet regulated as a utility) so it can do as it pleases, and the Nazi/Klan creeps certainly aren't going to evoke any sympathy. But as someone who's been at the receiving end of “hate group” smears, it would be good to ...
More Internet Censorship - National Review
Fri Aug 18 14:48, 2017 GMT
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump elevated the Pentagon's U.S. Cyber Command on Friday in a move aimed at emphasizing the development of cyber weapons to deter attacks, punish intruders and tackle adversaries.
Trump raises Cyber Command status: statement
Fri Aug 18 07:53, 2017 GMT
Following two new court orders issued today, Australian Internet providers must block dozens of additional pirate sites. The new blockades were requested by Foxtel and Village Roadshow, and cover many of the most used pirate sources, including Gomovies, RARBG, 1337x and EZTV. Creative Content Australia warns that people who bypass the blocks could easily run into malware, viruses and other nastiness. Source: TF , for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services .
Court Orders Aussie ISPs to Block Dozens of Pirate Sites

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