Public CGI (Web, PHP) anonymous proxy free list

Public CGI (Web, PHP) anonymous proxy free list

CGI/Web/PHP proxies
total unique CGI proxies in list: 4695, online now: 18, online HTTPS: 9,
last update: Thu Jul 18 01:02:11 UTC 2019
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In case of need for using PROXY (to unblock blocked site, to break through firewall, to hide your web activity from prying eyes, etc.) and impossiblity to use standard HTTP(S)/SOCKS proxy (because of blocked ports, protocols, IP bounds, browser without proxy support, etc.) there is remain possibility to use proxy sort operational within the bounds of only HTTP protocol, there are so called CGI proxy. CGI proxies (CGI/Web/PHP/etc.) are WWW/WEB/HTTP/HTTPS (HTTP - ordinary WEB/WWW servers, HTTPS - secure WEB/WWW servers) servers running a proxy in the form of a CGI script/program (Common Gateway Interface, a common way of SCRIPT/PROGRAM to run and to interact with WEB SERVER). They retrieves HTTP, HTTPS or FTP page, then changes all URLs in this page to go through this server script again and return the changed page to user side. By default, no user info is sent to the server. Options include text-only proxying to save bandwidth, cookie filtering, most wide-spread advertisement types filtering, JavaScript, Java, ActiveX, Flash, VBScript removal, user-defined encoding of the target URL, and more. On this page you will be getting daily tested fresh list of CGI proxies with removed duplicates (for IP and DNS names), without (or with minimized) proxy owners ads jokes and tricks. The list users load is distribited evenly between all operable proxies in our list. A fresh list of traditional proxy servers, recently tested and verified you can find HERE.

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