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  • is GUI multithreaded asynchronous standalone JAVA application to perform free proxy lists detailed examination, anonymity and connection speed detection. Now it supports HTTP, SOCKS, CONNECT (HTTPS) proxy connection protocols. As a test URL supports HTTP (for ordinal HTTP requests) and CONNECT protocols for testing proxy connectivity to non-HTTP services such as POP3, TELNET, SMTP, SSH and others. Application internally maintains successfully tested proxy list (file mainlist.txt) and not functional proxies lists (badset.txt) to prevent multiple excessive proxy lists testing, the program additionally supports easy proxy list download from set of Web ProxyLists pages and easy and flexible new sets addition (file downloads.txt). Also application supports tested lists exchange possibilities. For registered users is accessible feature of last fresh 1000 tested hosts of download with their login/password pair, for others 10 last fresh public hosts.
  • Sun JAVA/version 1.5 minimum/ virtual machine (Linux, Windows, Machintos, FreeBSD, Solaris OS supports)
  • Pentium-3 500MHz CPU with 256Mb memory for 100 threads execution with ProxyList Table "on fly" sorting switched OFF.
  • Internet connection better than 28 Kbit/s for 30 threads
  • For Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003 server SP1 beta if you are planning to use more then 50 threads look into and to increase TCP/IP half open connections limit for Windows.
  • ZIP archive with ProxyCheck and some usage examples and test proxy lists, version 2005-10-25, files size 213 Kb, MD5( e65384959ccf237367e0e577319485c0
  • Sun JAVA JRE version 5.0, file size about 7.1-16Mb, depends installation options
  • The Program is FREE. You may unlimited copy and distribute the Program in executable form.
  • This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
  • Contact and support: e-mail
    • java -jar ProxyCheck [--switches] [lists_files]
    command line switches:
    • --threads MAX_THREADS
    • --testURL URL
    • --pattern REGEXP_PATTERN
    • --checkanon DEANON_DETECT_STRING...
    • Maximum threads number to start on your computer, depends from your computer configuration and Internet connection speed, typically from 30 to 300
    proxy service URL format (in file lists):
    • [protocol://]hostname[:port]
      • protocol = http|socks|connect, DEFAULT http
      • hostname = IP|DNS_NAME
      • port = NUMBER|default port, protocol=http port=80 , protocol=socks port=1080, protocol=connect port=8080
    testURL format:
    • protocol://hostname[:port]
      • protocol = http|connect
      • hostname = SAME as proxy service URL
      • port = SAME as proxy service URL
    REGEXP_PATTERN format:
    • Regular expression (regex) pattern for testURL answer to detect Proxy Service answer correctness
      example: --pattern PROXYDJG\.(COM)|(ORG)
    • OPTIONAL. If --pattern switch is not set AUTODETECTION for --testURL will execute, that requires active Internet connection.
    • DEANON_DETECT_STRING typically a list of your Internet IP addresses, such as your box interfaces IP list or NAT interfaces IP list divided by '#'
      example: --checkanon